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Protecting Your Practice

What We Cover

What We Cover


Protecting Your Practice

Doctors Direct Insurance (DDI) makes it a point to protect your practice from malpractice claims with liability coverage unparalleled by any other provider. Our in-depth industry knowledge plays an essential part in our ability to manage your risks.DDI has assembled a stellar team to attend to any liability insurance need that you may have. Our main focus and number-one priority is to make sure that we help you avoid claims whenever possible. However, if a claim does occur, we position ourselves to be able to respond quickly and strongly.

  • Limits of coverage up to $2 million per claim/$4 million in aggregate
  • Corporate entity coverage for physicians and groups on shared or separate limit basis
  • Free retirement tail coverage and prior acts coverage
  • Physician has full consent to settle a claim
  • Flexible choice of defense counsel
  • Extended coverages include: Medical Board Defense, EPL and Cyber Liability
Coverage Programs
  • Physician Professional Liability
  • Partnership/Corporation Professional Liability
  • Custom Coverage Solutions
    • Suspended Coverage
    • Employed (Non-Physician) Allied Health Professionals
    • Locum Tenens Coverage
    • Part-Time Physician Coverage
    • Newly Practicing Physician Coverage
    • Higher Limits Available
Sublimit Coverages
  • Medical Board Defense
  • Deposition Assistance
  • Defense of Employment Practices Proceedings
  • Defense of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Proceedings
  • Defense of Cyber Claims
  • Data Interference
  • Network Security Wrongful Act
  • Privacy Wrongful Act
Coverage FAQ
Do you offer additional discounts for physicians with favorable claims histories?
Yes. Claims Free Discounts are provided based on the number of years you have not been involved in a claim or lawsuit. This discount may be combined with other discounts.
How do I get a certificate of insurance?

You can get a certificate of insurance in one of two ways:

By calling DDI directly at (630) 574-9800
By emailing DDI directly at

How do I make changes to my coverage?
You can easily make changes to your policy by contacting our Underwriting Team directly. To reach our Underwriters, e-mail, or call (630) 574-9800.
Can I finance my insurance premium?
Yes. DDI offers direct premium financing for its insureds. 0% financing is available for all financed premiums. For more information, contact our Billing Team at
Do you have reinsurance?
Yes. Doctors Direct Insurance Company has reinsurance coverage in place that adds even greater financial stability to the company.
Are your reinsurers rated?
Yes. Doctors Direct Insurance Company has a reinsurance treaty with a panel of international insurers, including Lloyd’s of London and Bermuda-based companies, all of which have an A.M. Best Financial Stability rating of A (Excellent).
What specialties and territories does DDI insure?
DDI insures ALL specialties in our coverage areas.
Could your policyholders be assessed?
No! While some companies may entice you with an unrealistically low rate and later “assess” you for more money, we do not and will not. The premium we charge for this year’s policy is the only premium that will ever be charged for that policy. Policyholders do not have any personal liability in terms of a future assessment.
How is DDI capitalized?
Doctors Direct is a stock insurance company with a non-assessable insurance policy. Policyholders will never be required to contribute capital to the company. Doctors Direct is funded with the support of its private investors, many of whom are also policyholders of the Company. Our strong balance sheet and the commitment from our investors provides DDI with the ability to raise additional capital to support responsible growth. Doctors Direct enjoys a strong financial position.
Do I have access to the management team?
Yes! We are accessible online 24/7/365 and our management team is reachable via cell phone morning, noon and night for any issue. Our customers and their satisfaction is our #1 priority, and it is our philosophy to be totally accessible to all of our clients regardless of the day or the hour.
My insurance agent/broker will give me a quote from Doctors Direct anyway, right?
DDI is a Direct Malpractice Liability Carrier. We eliminate the need of an agent or broker and work directly with physicians and their staff to provide the most efficient and effective service.
OK, let’s save money now. How do I cancel my policy with my current carrier?
We will handle everything on your behalf the moment you have secured coverage with DDI.
I want to be insured with Doctors Direct, but my renewal isn’t for another 6 months. Should I switch now or wait until the renewal date?
Switch now! You can start saving premium today. So you are aware, you control your policy with any carrier, therefore you can cancel it at any time and when you switch to DDI we make sure that there is no gap in coverage.
Getting a quote is a long process, right?
Our short application takes less than 5 minutes to complete and we will provide you with a binding quote within 48 hours of receipt of a completed application.
I want to save money on my premium. How do I get a quote?

DDI insurance is available to all physicians on a DIRECT basis, meaning we do not work with insurance brokers. We pass the 10% to 17.5% commission saving on to you in the form of a premium reduction. To get a quote, call us at (630) 574-9800 or apply online where you will have the option of completing the brief application online. If you do not apply online, you can send your application to us by:

E-mail to:
Fax to: (866) 422-2300

Policy Questions
Do you offer coverage for my Locum Tenens practice?
Yes, Locum Tenens is extended as part of our standard coverage at no additional charge on your policy.
Do you provide “tail” coverage?
Yes. DDI offers a Stand Alone Tail option, called “STAT”, for physicians seeking an alternative proposal to what their incumbent carrier has presented. DDI also offers Extended Reporting Period coverage/“Tail” to all physicians canceling their DDI coverage as required by law.
What is a “tail” and how do I qualify for one?

A “tail” — or extended reporting period coverage — is coverage that extends past the date on which your final policy period ends. There are numerous ways that you can qualify for or obtain a “tail.”

• Doctors can purchase a “tail” at the end of their policy period with DDI.
• Doctors can earn a “free retirement tail” when they turn 55 years old and have been insured by DDI for five consecutive years and have retired completely from the practice of medicine.
• “Free tails” are also offered in the event of death or total disability.

When might I be forced to purchase “tail” coverage?
The most common reason requiring you to purchase tail coverage is when you join or leave a group. Many group contracts demand that when you join the group, you do so without any prior-acts exposure; which means you must buy a tail policy from the existing carrier if you want your prior coverage to remain in place. Conversely, if you leave a group you are often required to purchase a tail policy from the group’s insurer to satisfy the group’s concern about completing your coverage during the time you were practicing with them.
Do you offer free “tail” coverage?

Yes. There will be no charge for an Extended Reporting Period Endorsement should any of the following events occur while the policyholder or insured physician is actively insured with us:

1. Death of the insured physician
2. Insured physician becomes disabled and cannot continue the practice of medicine
3. Insured physician fully retires from the practice of medicine at any age and has been continuously insured by us for the five years preceding retirement.

Do you cover “prior acts”?
Yes. Doctors Direct Insurance will provide “prior acts coverage”. With prior acts coverage, we cover all incidents that occur after your retroactive date and that are reported to us while your policy is in force.
How are legal costs and other claims expenses handled?
All legal costs and claims expenses are fully paid by Doctors Direct Insurance Company.
Are separate limits available for my corporation?
Yes. Doctors Direct Insurance Company does offer separate limits for the insured’s corporation.
How does a “consent to settle” policy differ from a “hammer”?
DDI is truly a collaborative effort of insurance and medical professionals. In light of this, we feel that a “hammer clause” — one where an insurance company can exercise its right to settle without asking for the permission of the doctor — is unfair and displays a lack of trust in its insureds. Rather, our policy includes “consent to settle” language that requires DDI to obtain consent of the doctor before agreeing to offer any reasonable settlement.
What is an “incident sensitive trigger”?
At DDI, we consider a claim to have been reported as soon as an insured reports the medical incident that could give rise to a claim. We feel that this policy for handling claims favors our doctors because the early reporting of medical incidents can often serve to defuse potentially volatile situations. In addition, the advice of our team of attorneys and risk management experts may help you avoid a lawsuit with early intervention.
What is a “claims made” policy?
“Claims made” relates to the way that DDI provides coverage for claims against its insureds. Specifically, a “claims made policy” covers you, as the physician, for any claim that is made during the annual period in which you are insured by DDI related to treatment that you provided to a patient on or after your retroactive date.